Can I put the joists directly on a concrete slab ?

It is quite possible to fix the joists directly on the slab and / or on an existing tile. If necessary, use shims and observe the direction of rainwater drainage.

In the case of a terrace with a height greater than 120mm ?

A carrier (OM 65) will be fixed directly on the slab in the direction of the blades. The lambourde will then be perpendicular to the wearer and screwed onto the latter.

Roof terrace on waterproofing

How can you use your structure without drilling the slab?

In the case of a roof terrace with waterproofing, you can make a laying on studs that will allow you to access the slab if necessary.

Bare ground

Should the soil be stabilized?

Yes before constructing the terrace the floor must be stable or have been stabilized.

Warning: In case the ground is unstable, it is preferable to call on a specialized company to carry out the soil study.

Can the structure be laid on clay ? sand ?

Only be sure to stabilize or stabilize the floor before installation.

How do I stabilize my soil ?

Stabilizing a soil can be as simple as complex depending on your terrain. That is why, it is best to go through a specialized company.