We would like to install a removable pool on our terrace, is it possible ?

It is entirely possible to install a removable pool on your terrace because the load supported by the structure is 500 kg per square meter. We advise you however to call upon a certified installer according to your constraints.

How should the system be installed to obtain an overflow blade (blade right at the edge of the water)?

We advise you to put the structure against the framework of the swimming pool and at the height of it and let part of the blades rest on the concrete. Therefore, it is better to lay the blades with a pose called “star”, that is to say always the blades perpendicular to the pelvis. If the shape of your pool is complex, we advise you to call the certified installer nearest you.

I would like to have detailed documentation to be able to design my pool terrace with your system.

We invite you to watch the video of explanation of Mr. Robert Longechal : To tinker on the side of the house, which illustrates perfectly the steps of the realization of a beach of swimming pool with our system: link.You will receive the instructions of laying with your order for more information.