How to buy my decking wood, which gasoline to choose ?

The choice of wood is very important. Here are some selection criteria to help you choose a quality wood :

  • Durability (resistance to destruction factors): Each wood is characterized by an employment class of 1 to 5 allowing you to know its use. The wood generally used for outdoor patio application must be class 4. The conifers (pine, larch, Douglas fir …) must have undergone an autoclave treatment which allows them to be protected against biological attacks (fungi, insects …). Exotic woods, they do not require treatment because they are naturally protected.
  • Drying: Be sure to choose KD (Kiln-Dried) drying, ie kiln drying, so that the level of humidity is less than or equal to 18%, contrary to drying AD (Air-Dried ) drying in air. KD woods are the closest to normal conditions of use, which is important for optimum installation and for the longevity of the terrace.
  • Strength and budget: Exotic species are more dense and therefore more resistant in time. (For example: more dense, there is no mark in case of fall of object in contrast to the pine). The pine, it has an excellent value for money. See the help to the calculator section “choice of the decking” for more details

Do you supply the wood? Composite?

We offer 3 different species of wood: pine in 28 mm and for exotics: itauba and garapa. Our system adapts to the composite however we do not offer for sale. For information, the structure can be sold alone.

Are there special recommendations for laying a composite wood deck ?

The only recommendation to take into account when laying a composite wooden deck is the distance between two lambourdes (see the manufacturer’s recommendation). We can supply you with the screws adapted to the brands (TREX, SILVADEC, GEOLAM, NMC, FIBERDECK …)

Is it possible to integrate lighting in the decking ?

There is no contra-indication in relation to the structure, in this case it is best to call an electrical professional.